Microsemi Workshops - AVALANCHE 

The Future Electronics AVALANCHE Workshop Series – Featuring Microsemi’s PolarFire FPGA  

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Future Electronics is heating up the market and cooling down the competition with their latest development board! Be part of a growing revolution adopting new technologies to replace the typical platforms.

Join us for this FREE hands on workshop as Future Electronics introduces Avalanche, a development platform based on the Microsemi PolarFire FPGA technology. Avalanche is the lowest cost development board in the industry promoting Microsemi’s revolutionary mid-range FPGA! It offers the lowest power, lowest cost 10G SERDES based FPGA, smallest form factors, lowest cost DDR4 and high-speed I/O solutions, highest security and SEU immunity.

By attending this workshop, you will experience the easy to use latest software from Microsemi, Libero 2.0 tool flow, explore their debug capabilities, and sample a few of their advanced features. All this will open the doors to an avalanche of creative possibilities.

By attending the FREE Seminar, you will receive a $50 discount coupon to be used for the purchase of the Avalanche board equipped with a FREE 1 YEAR GOLD License Agreement!

There is no cost to attend this seminar

Date / Location Address
04.04.2018 - Hannover, Germany Sattlerstr. 11, 30916 Isernhangen, Hannover, Germany
05.04.2018 - Hamburg, Germany Fangdieckstr. 64, 22547, Hamburg, Germany
10.04.2018 - Munich, Germany Future Electronics Deutschland GmbH, Aschheim-Dornach 85609, Munich, Germany
10.04.2018 - Barcelona, Spain Future Electronics, 161. 14-A Carrer Tarragona, 08014 Barcelona, Spain
11.04.2018 - Stuttgart, Germany Future Electronics Deutschland GmbH
Lingwiesenstrasse 11/1,Korntal-Münchingen
11.04.2018 - Madrid, Spain Novotel Campos de las Naciones, C/Amsterdam, n°3 Campo de las Naciones, 28042 Madrid, Spain
12.04.2018 - Frankfurt, Germany Future Electronics Deutschland GmbH Nassaustr. 28,
3rd (Top Floor) Hofheim-Wallau D-65719
12.04.2018 - San Sebastian, Spain NH Donosti, Zarautz Kalea, 120, 20018 Donostia, Gipuzkoa. San Sebastian, Spain
24.04.2018 - Zurich, Switzerland Grabenwisstrasse 1, 8604 Volketswil, Zurich, Switzerland
09.05.2018 - Warsaw, Poland Regent Warsaw Hotel, Belwederska Ave. 23, 00-761 Warsaw, Poland
05.06.2018 - Lyon, France Europarc du Chene, 4 Rue Edison, Batiment, BRON Cedex, 69673, Lyon, France

In This Workshop You Will Learn:
• Why to choose Microsemi FPGAs/SoCs in your design
• How to use the latest Libero 2.0 development software tool
• How to get started with example designs
• Complete three lab sessions:
   1. Libero Tool Design Flow
   2. Implementing Risc-V SoftCore Processor using Soft Console
   3. Communications & SERDES Overview

Best in Class Features Include:
• Microsemi PolarFire MPF300
• Microsemi LX7167 step down converter
• Microsemi Gigabit Ethernet PHY VSC8531
• Microsemi embedded FlashPro 5
• ALLIANCE 4Gb DDR3 synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)
• HALO fast jack single port HFJ11
• HALO shielded drum inductor HDS1255
• High speed serial connectivity transceivers (SERDES)
• Microchip 64Mb serial flash SST26VF064B
• Microchip analog converter A/D MCP3903
• Panasonic Wi-Fi module PAN9320
• Sullins Arduino compatible expansion headers
• Sullins MikroBus expansion headers
• Sullins PMod expansion connector

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