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MMBZ Series 40 W 27 V Bi-Directional Surface Mount Zener TVS Diode - SOT-23-3

Mfr Part#: MMBZ27VALT...

RoHS compliant

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400 W 13 V Uni-Directional SMT Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode - DO-214AA

Mfr Part#: SMBJ13A-13...

RoHS compliant

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LC Series 18 V 1800 W SMT Low Capacitance TVS for High Speed Interface - SOIC-8

Mfr Part#:  LC03-3.3.TBT

Packaging : REEL 
Std Packaging Qty: 500
Min Order Qty: 500

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Clamping Voltage-Max
18 V
Peak Output Current
100 A
Peak Power
1800 W
Standoff Voltage
3.3 V

AZ943 Series 15 A SPDT 24 V PCB Mount Sealed Miniature Power Relay

Mfr Part#:  AZ943-1CH-24DE

Packaging : TUBE 
Std Packaging Qty: 20
Min Order Qty: 20

As low as:  £0.3571  (GBP) (Buy {0})

In Stock:  Yes

Relay Type
Coil Type
Contact Form
SPDT (1 Form C)
Nominal Coil Voltage
24 V
Contact Current-Max
15 A
Coil Resistance
1600 Ω

KMR2 Series SPST-NO 32 V 2 N 200 g Gull Wing Surface Mount Tactile Switch

Mfr Part#:  KMR221GLFS

Packaging : REEL 
Std Packaging Qty: 7,000
Min Order Qty: 7,000

As low as:  £0.1375  (GBP) (Buy {0})

In Stock:  Yes

Switch Operation
Voltage Rating
32 V
Current Rating
50 mA
Insulation Resistance
1 GΩ
Actuation Force
2 N
Contact Material

SMAJ Series 400 W 38.6 V Bi Directional Transient Voltage Suppressor - DO-214AC

Mfr Part#:  SMAJ33CA-TR

Packaging : REEL 
Std Packaging Qty: 5,000
Min Order Qty: 5,000

As low as:  £0.0518  (GBP) (Buy {0})

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MLA Series 0603 3.5 VDC 2.5 V RMS 13 V Clamp 30 A 1270 pF SMT Multilayer Varistor

Mfr Part#:  V3.5MLA0603H

Packaging : REEL 
Std Packaging Qty: 2,500
Min Order Qty: 2,500

As low as:  £0.1198  (GBP) (Buy {0})

In Stock:  Yes

1270 pF
Clamping Voltage-Max
13 V
Peak Output Current
30 A
Rated Voltage
3.5 V
RMS Voltage-Max
2.5 V

ABS07 Series 32.768 kHz ±10 ppm 12.5 pF -40 to +85 °C SMT Low Profile Crystal

Mfr Part#:  ABS07-32.768KHZ-1-T

Packaging : REEL 
Std Packaging Qty: 3,000
Min Order Qty: 3,000

As low as:  £0.4684  (GBP) (Buy {0})

In Stock:  Yes

Operating Frequency
32.768 kHz
ESR (Equivalent Series Resista...
70 kΩ
Insulation Resistance
500 MΩ
Drive Level
0.5 µW
Q Value
Storage Temperatue Range
-55 to +125 °C

SRV05 Series 4 Ch 3.5 pF 15 Vclamp Steering Diode/TVS Array Combo - SOT-23-6

Mfr Part#:  SRV05-4-P-T7

Packaging : REEL 
Std Packaging Qty: 3,000
Min Order Qty: 3,000

As low as:  £0.2688  (GBP) (Buy {0})

In Stock:  Yes

No of Channels
Clamping Voltage-Max
15 V
3.5 pF
Operating Temp Range
-55 to +150 °C

Ø20 mm Surface Mount Coin Cell Battery Holder

Mfr Part#:  1061TR

Packaging : REEL 
Std Packaging Qty: 200
Min Order Qty: 200

As low as:  £1.35  (GBP) (Buy {0})

In Stock:  Yes

Battery Cell Size
Coin 20 mm
Mounting Style
Clip and PC Pin
Termination Style
Vertical / SMT

451 Series Very Fast-Acting 125 V 2 A 6.10 x 2.69 mm NANO2® Ceramic Fuse

Mfr Part#:  0451002.MRL

Packaging : REEL 
Std Packaging Qty: 1,000
Min Order Qty: 1,000

As low as:  £0.2803  (GBP) (Buy {0})

In Stock:  Yes

Voltage Rating
125 V
Response Characteristic
Very Fast Acting
Current Rating
2 A
0.0367 Ω
Interrupting Rating
50 A
Operating Temp Range
-55 to +125 °C

SMD Series 30 V 1.1 A Ihold Surface Mount PolySwitch Resettable Fuse

Mfr Part#:  SMD100F-2

Packaging : REEL 
Std Packaging Qty: 2,000
Min Order Qty: 2,000

As low as:  £0.1920  (GBP) (Buy {0})

In Stock:  Yes

Voltage Rating
30 V
Hold Current [Ih]
1.1 A
Trip Current
2.2 A
Operating Temp Range
-40 to +85 °C
Case Size
2920 (7351 Metric)
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